We will create responsive, mobile-first websites using the latest open-source technologies. Prices displayed are an estimate based on the scope of respective tiers of complexity.



⭐ Basic website, a simple, single-page web application



🌟 Professional, multi-page website with dynamic components to interact with data from your backend



✨ A high grade, professional, multi-page web application with custom & unique features, perfect for large brands


Is the source code included?

Yes. The source code is always included and accessible to the buyer through GitHub.

Do you offer warranty for the website?

Yes. Warranty is expressed as 'code-support' in the feature comparison.

How can I report any issues/bugs regarding the website?

In case you find a bug, this will be fixed under 'code-support' for free, updates will be delivered through GitHub.

What coding languages will be used to create the website?

We work with NodeJS (javascript) primarily. For a higher fee, website's can also be delivered in TypeScript or Rust for a higher fee.

If my website needs persistent storage, how will you accomplish that?

For low-tier solutions JSON or Mongo will be used. For higher tier solutions, Sequelize using PostGreSQL - or Prisma - is used instead.

Can you work on an existing website and/or implement new pages and features?

Yes. We can work on existing websites and expand the code base from there.

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